Liquifan Eyelash Extensions

Individual lash-by-lash extensions are applied with safe, formaldehyde-free adhesive to make your lashes appear longer and fuller. Many different lengths, densities and curl types to choose from to give you EXACTLY the look you want! Classic lashes are 1 extension per natural eyelash, while Hybrid are a mix of single extensions and clusters to result in MORE volume!

Classic Application...$175

Hybrid Application....$200

A fill is recommended every 3 weeks minimum to keep them looking fresh and full! (if you wait longer than 3 weeks and more product is needed than the average fill, additional costs may apply)



If you are wanting to keep your extensions EXTRA full or you have a faster lash shedding cycle, a 2 week fill is recommended!



Elleebana One-Shot Lash Lift

Lash lifting is a perm for your lashes!  Curl and lift your lashes using safe products sensitive enough to use around the eyes, making the lashes appear longer and really stand out. Add a Belmacil tint onto the service to add depth to the eyes and be blown away! Carve time off your daily make up routine. 

Lash Lift...$55

Lash Tint...$25

Lash Lift+Tint...$75

Ultimate Lash Lift+Tint includes adding about 15 extensions to the outer corners of each eye for a more dramatic difference!


Belmacil Brow Tint

Let me define your brows so YOU don't have to! Not having to take the time to fill in your brows every morning will save you precious time. Many tones available, brow waxing/shaping is included. Results last 6-8 weeks.

Brow Tint...$30