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Over 13 years experience. Beautiful, tranquil, professional spa atmosphere to escape the stresses of daily life. Dedicated to your well-being with services customized to your needs.

-Conveniently located in Peebles Square right off HWY 151-


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Now carryingFarmHouse Fresh body care products!

"FarmHouse Fresh is proudly voted by spas, hotels and resorts as their Favorite Body Care Line, the most distinctive selection of Farm to Spa Treatments, with a warm team of estheticians, massage therapists, and international trainers who bring an ever-changing fresh menu to the thousands of spas we serve.

We grow high nutrition skincare extracts, using sustainable methods,. zero pesticides are used, and very little water. We extract quickly to ensure vitamins are at their peak! It's a zero waste process that we're very proud of.

We believe being "green" goes beyond preserving the environment and includes ensuring the wellbeing of the animals that inhabit it. The FarmHouse Fresh Ranch headquarters is also a farm animal sanctuary. We use profits from product purchases, to fund, rescue, and rehabilitate abused animals that our employees help care for at our sanctuary. We also fund other local rescues that do the same."

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.